Filter Press back


Technical Specifications

Model MM- FP     8” dia x 6 Plates
No. of Plates 6 Nos.
Height of Plates 25mm
Thickness of Plates 18 swg
Shell Thickness 1.6mm
Bottom Plate 6mm
Scavenger Plate 10mm thick
Top Lid 1.6mm with skirt ring
Support Screen 7 Nos. of 1.2mm thk
Interlocking Cup 7 nos.
M.O.C. S.A.240 Gr. S.S.  304 / 316/316L quality.
Filtering Area 0.209 m2.
Cake Holding Cap. 4.78 Ltrs.
Output* 400 – 600 * Ltrs/hr.
Pump ½ ” Centrifugal pump with TC V/S TC Seal and coupled to 1 HP 3 phase 1400 rpm NFLP motor
Gasket Neoprene/Silicon.      
Nozzles                        Inlet ¾” NB
Nozzles                        Outlet ½” NB
Airvent ¼” BSP
Dial type Pressure Guage ¼” BSP – 7Kg
End Connection Nozzle type.
Surface Finish Mirror polished.
Trolley SS304 trolley with SS Bracket, fibre castor wheels
Dimensions 840x535x895 Approx
(Depends on liquid to be filtered quality of filter media & percentage of solid contents
*. Output rate in terms of 5 % activated carbon & water.)


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