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We are one of the pioneer Oscillating Granulator Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Oscillating Granulator is used in the Granulation Department for Milling of the product, In milling we can use Multi Mill, Osciallating and Communiting Mill, if you require even granules and lesser no. of fines, then this the best machine, there are 3 models the ouput ranges from 50 kg to 400 kgs. Per hour. The most beautifull aspect of the Oscillating Granulator is lesser no. of fines compared to all other machines.

Oscillating Granulators, plays an important part in the process of granulation in tablet making as quality of tablet is determined by the virtue of the granules used for its compression Oscillating granulator can be used for wet and dry aspect of the granulation process.

Model BMOG - 200
Hopper capacity 33 Liters
Screen area 388 mm (W) x 762 mm (L)
Stirrer size 138 mm x 368 mm Length
Oscillation 110 Per Minute.
Output 30 to 200 Kgs./Hr.
Charging height 1135 + 5 mm
Discharging height 655 + 5 mm
Main Electric Motor 1 HP / 1440 RPM / 3 Ph.

*Varies according to product characteristic & and screen type. 

  • Sturdy and noiseless design.
  • Easy to operate & maintain. 
  • Higher ratio of desired size granules can be obtained Continuous oscillating stirrer drive. 
  • Simple screen holding and tensioning device

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