Tray Dryer Machine back

CABINET: Made of SS 316 / SS 304 inside S.S.18 SWG –SS-304 16 SWG outside with thick S.S. sheet 
insulated with 75-mm glass wool insulation.
Chamber Provided with single door with Heavy-duty hinges and locked with the help of spring loaded 
ball latch with suitable locking pressure.
TRAYS & TROLLEY: Fabricated from SS 316 /  SS 304  sheet Having Size: 16” x 32” x 1¼”. 
1NO Trolley Fabricated from 25mm. square pipe of S.S. 316 Vertically & 25mm. angle guides of SS 304. 
and Provided With two nos. of revolving wheel & two nos. of fixed castor wheels 
STEAM CIRCULATION: Fabricated from SS-304 pipes, Radiator with S. S. fins. Fitted with 20-micron air 
filter & suction chamber.
IMPELLOR: SS-316 with S.S. bush to attain uniform air circulation in the chamber with dampers to 
control air flow.
SAFETY WINDOW: 1’ x 1’ on backside.
CONTROL  PANEL:  Digital  control  panel  with  PT-100  sensor  &  digital    controller,  MCP,  RYB,  Relay, 
contactors, etc

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