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Cone Mill

Applications : Boson High Tech Cone Screen Mill (Attachment) extremely reliable, perfect for even the most demanding of processing requirements in R & D. This Equipment balances performance with simplicity, to provide a solution that guarantees a high output but is easy to operate, clean and maintain. The Cone Mill is suited to dry, wet or fine milling in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and consumer goods industries. The mill can easily be adapted for use on different products, simply by changing the granulating screen, presenting a cost-effective solution to your size reduction requirement. This equipment can be attache in our both Main Drive.

Method of Operation : Unprocessed material is loaded into the product Hopper of the Cone Mill by hand or gravity feed. The material then passes into the milling chamber where a rotating impeller forces the unprocessed material through a stationery cone-shaped screen by a vortex action. The material is instantly reduced in size as it passes through the holes in the screen.

By changing a combination of screen, impeller shape and speed, the finished milled particle size can be carefully controlled. Most important for hygienic requirements, such as those in pharmaceutical and food production, there is no metal-to-metal contact between the impeller and screen.