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Edge Runner

Edge Runner


Having Machine pan and wall of height the whole pan is fitted on heavy duty channels stand . Roller  fabricated from SS plate Roller fitted in such a way that maximum bottom area is covered . Both rollers are overlapping each other. So that no material is left Un-ground. The rollers are running on ball bearing with sealing arrangement to prevent the powder going in to rollers are driven by oil filled worm gear box and powdered by As per model electric motor complete with starter and top openable lid. All M.S. fabrication is cladded by SS- 304 quality and the whole machine is covered by 18 G SS – 304 Sheet . The main drive from motor to gearbox by V-Belt pully.

MODEL 24” 36” 48”
Bolw Volume 30 Ltrs. 75 Ltrs. 115 Ltrs.
Motor 1.5 HP 2 HP 5 HP
Overall Size (LWH) 650 x 650 x 1070 915 x 915 x 1120 1220 X 1250 X 1300

Silent Features

  • – Two bottom scrapper and one side scrapper are provided .
  • “O” Provided in roller bracket for prevent material entering in to bearing .
  • Main driven shaft is fitted in side gear box without coupling for smooth running of machine .
  • Outlet provided with food grade rubber gasket to prevent leakage with spout for easy unloading
  • During overloading situation a hinge arrangement provided with main roller to sustain  overloading condition. ( for Jumping Action of Two Rollers

Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

MODEL: HAMMER MILL Pulverizer… [Feeding – Manual]…   

Fabricated from Mild Steel Sheets and Plates. Serrated Liner Plates on Top & Perforated Screen at the bottom. Beaters / Blades fitted with Main Rotor Shaft with Rotor Plates. Heavy duty Blower Fan. The feeding is Manual and the Fineness is controlled by appropriate Screen. A common Mild Steel Angles / Channel Stand for mounting Pulverizer and Electric Motor. Cyclone Collection Drum, Pipe with Bend, flanges, Feeding Hopper, Cotton Bag with Balloons etc.

* MS with Stainless Steel contact parts: (…All Stainless Steel…) GMP

Material Of Construction:   (…All Stainless Steel …)

  • Machine Unit :  Complete  Stainless Steel (SS) Main Body-Top & Bottom  (Grinding chamber & Blower Chamber)
    • Rotor shaft with Rotor Plates set, Beaters (Blades) Pins, Serrated Liner Plates on top, Blower Rotor with Blades etc Complete  S.S.
    • Feeding Hopper, Cyclone Collection Drum, Bend, Flanges etc…Complete set S.S.
    • CI  V-pulleys, CI Pedestals / Bearings housing, Reduction Gear unit etc.  (Complete CI / MS)

Kharal Machine (End Runner )

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Kharal Machine (End Runner )

A Machine body is made from rigid iron angle and covered by S.S. sheet with dually painted. The main crushing S.S. 304 Rod is supported by C.I. Lever with high arrangement to easy cleaning of S.S. 304 bowl. The main S.S. 304 bowl is moulded in one piece with thick border to provide better strength . The main S.S. 304 bowl is driven by heavy gear box with thrust bearing arrangement for smooth and easy running of main bowl. Two S.S. 304 heavy scrapper are provided for fast crushing and mixing of material. Easy oil lubricating system is provided. V belt-pulley drive system is provided. One starter is fitted for on/off machine and avoiding overloading.

Overall Size 36” X 24” X 62”  (H)
Motor 3 HP , 1440 RPM , 3 Phase AC
Contact Parts SS -304
Bowl Size 21” Dia X 10” (H)
Capacity 35 Liters
Weight 550 Kgs. (Approx )