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Lab Press LP- 1 is a High Tech Rotary Tablet Press in table-top design for R & D and small batch production. This Single sided R & D Tablet Press fully conforms to GMP and the safety requirements. All Electrical settings can be performed by Front panel with indicators at the front of the machine. The turret is driven by center shaft drive mechanism by a motor and Powerful Reduction gear box. The turret speed is adjusted by A.C. frequency drive. The drive is provided by an inbuilt three-phase motor with A.C Frequency Drive (inverter). The compression force can be adjusted up to 6 tons. The cleaning easy to dismantle and operator safety are given to attention in the machine design.

Type of Tooling “4D” , “4B” & “4BB”
No. of Station 12 Stn.
Max. Operating pressure 6.5 Tons.
Max. Tablet Diameter 23.0 mm (for “D” Tooling only)
Max. Depth of fill 20.0 mm (for “D” Tooling only)
Output Tab./Hour 2,400 to 7,200
Turret RPM 10 – 30
Main Motor 2 H.P. / 1440 RPM

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