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Double Cone Blender offered by our company is versatile and efficient equipment.Double Cone Blenders are versatile machines used for mixing dry powder, pharmaceutical granules, semolina flour, seeds, starch, coffee beans and ground coffee. Our range of Double Cone Blenders find extensive application in Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic industries.

The Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously. The effective volume for optimum homogeneity is between 35-70% of gross volume. The SLANT double cone design eliminates dead sports, which occasionally occur in conventional double cone mixer. Double Cone Blender can be used for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products etc.

Model Gross Volume (Ltr) Working Volume Ltrs. Motor HP
BM-DCB-5 15 9 0.5
BM-DCB-10 30 18 0.5
BM-DCB-15 45 27 0.5
BM-DCB-25 75 45 12
BM-DCB-50 150 90 33
BM-DCB-100 300 180 55
BM-DCB-150 450 270 7.5
BM-DCB-200 600 360 7.5
BM-DCB-250 750 450 10
BM-DCB-300 900 540 10
BM-DCB-350 1050 630  
BM-DCB-400 1200 720  
BM-DCB-500 1500 900  

Salient Features of Double Cone Blenders:

  • Suitable for rapid mixing of all types of free flowing powders and granules.
  • The uniform, multidimensional offset  arrangement of the cone ensures good mixing
  • It is made from high quality stainless steel to prevent from rust & corrosion.
  • It is easy to load and discharge materials in double cone mixer as its servers as excellent batch mixer machine.
  • Provision is made for steam, chemicals, and hot water arrangements as required by customer.
  • Available in all capacities ranging from 1 KG to 10000 KG.
  • Chain drive arrangement provides minimum slippage and maximize load bearing capacity.

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