Double Side Rotary Tablet Press 27,35,45 (STN)

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Technical Specifications

Model BMR-16 BMR-20 BMR-23
Tooling “D” “D” Die B & Punch D
No. of Station 16 Stn. 20 Stn. 23 Stn.
Operating Force 10 Ton 10 Ton 10 Ton
Max. Tablet Diameter 23 mm 23 mm 15.8 mm
Max. Depth of fill 20 mm 20 mm 18 mm
Output Tab./Hour 14,400 to 40,300 18,000 to 50,400 20,700 to 57,950
Electric Motor 2 HP / 960 RPM 2 HP / 960 RPM 2 HP / 960 RPM

Salient Features:

  • Hand wheel provided.
  • Re-designed variable speed pulley.
  • Turret of SG IRON 400/12 grade.
  • Sturdy and easy fit Feed Frame with sufficient height to avoid spill over of powder.
  • Central oil lubrication system with hand pump.
  • Cam tracks and pressure rolls made out of alloy steel for maximum wear resistance and long life. Worm is made up Phosphor Bronze.
  • Machine is totally enclosed i.e. Top half of the machine (Compression zone) with S.S. hood, acrylic covers, and lower half of the machine complete with SS Cover in GMP Model and in standard model top hood and lower half of the machine with MS color painted. This reduces the noise level and to & fro flow of dust between compression zone and machine room.
  • Anti vibration mounting provided, hence no foundation required.
  • Large paints free compression zone with plenty of space for ease of cleaning & accessibility of components in GMP Model.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Higher turret speed 15 to 42 RPM gives higher output than standard machine.
  • Friction plate is provided on cam plate to minimize wear & tear of cam track, which also facilitates its easy replacement.
  • Fly over on upper punch is provided to avoid the jumping of upper punches.
  • Reverse direction motion protection is provided to avoid major accident.
  • Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret, which is immersed in oil for frictionless rotation.
  • Aluminum covers for rotor teeth.

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