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Our Ribbon Blender are designed in such a manner so that even the smallest quantity of ingredient can be blended efficiently with large volumes. Being a client centric organization, we manufacture and supply a premium quality range of Ribbon Blender that are used for blending of various materials in a fast and efficient manner. The Ribbon Blender is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing and lubrication process of dry granules and powder homogeneously.

Our offered Ribbon Blender is specially fabricated with different grade of steel like stainless steel, carbon steel & alloy steels as per industrial need. Our product is environment friendly, which required very maintenance & electric energy. Our design is available for low, medium, large & mega volume capacity to mix small to large size material. Very sharp blades are installed in this, which mixes different soft to hard material at less time.

  • The shape of container and mixing stirrer gives sufficient contineous movement to the 
  • powder / granules, result in good quality.
  • All contact parts are made of SS316.
  • Full cover on top side of the container.
  • Discharge height must be adjusted, if confirm with order.
  • Operating panel provided for safe operation of blender.
  • Centrally located material Discharge valve. ( Butter fly / Sliding Valve )
  • Safety Guards & Covers made out of SS304 in GMP Model.
  • Legs made of Model SS304 in GMP Model.
  • Panel provided with following facilities in 500 Liters & bigger model. In Small model only 
  • D.O.L. starter provided for On-Off  operation of the motor.
  • Limit switch provided at top cover for safety purpose
Technical Specifications
Model 1000 ltr.
Size 5 X 3 X 2.5  Feet
Ele. Motor 7.5  HP 1440 RPM
Gear 5” 30 : 1 Ratio
Contact Parts  SS 316   
U Bend Plate           4   SS-304 
Side Plate    4   SS 304 
Top Angle 40 x 6. SS-304
Top cover 2  MM SS-304
Channel      100 x 50 MM  MS 
Stuffing Box             Heavy Duty
Shafting 65 MM dia.  SS-304   
Shaft  Rod Support 38 MM Dia.  SS-304
Big Ribbon Size 40 MM x 12 MM SS-304  
Small Ribbon Size 30 x 10 MM   SS-304
Plumber Block        C.I. Heavy Duty  – Masta
Bearing       ID 60  MM both double roller bearing  ZKL
Gear Coupling        10” Size.
Pulley          Gear Pulley  12” B-3 Groove and Motor Pulley 3” B-3 
Material out put 6” x 6” SS-304  Material
RPM            12 RPM 
Gear 5” Center 30 :1 Ratio reduction Gear
Motor Required 7.5 HP 1440 RPM Extra Crompton  brand
Discharge Pneumatic System

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