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RAPID MIXER GRANULATOR : Boson Machinery  mixer is designed to meet special needs of tablet manufacturing technology. This is achieved by reducing processing time, more homogenous mixing, uniformity of Granule size and above all maintaining improved hygienic standards within the highest cGMPnorms.

cGMP : Mixer is designed to achieve all the requirements of cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices. The components are easily dismantable, can be cleaned thoroughly and assembled in quick time. The shaft seals are very effective to check any leakages and cross contamination due to adherants. The bowl and all the components are of highly polished Stainless Steel and without sharp corners or crevices.



Fabricated out of rigid square pipe welded frame and covered all 4 sides with SS 304 material and Aluminum checkered plate on top.

MIXING BOWL            :

SS-316 quality material bowl with welded flat bottom. All joints are fusion free argon arc welded. Flange type bowl, openable lid made of SS-316  material with silicon gasket and safety interlock to drive.

  • Dome shaped processing bowl that directs loose particles into whirling motion with help of impeller.
  • Impeller consists of two full & two half Solid mixing blades.
  • An inclination of the mixing blades accelerates rising and tumbling motion of the product in the bowl.
  • Specially designed chopper blades driven at high-speed gives fast and even granulation throughout the whole mass in the product bowl.
  • For the easy accessibility in cleaning the side discharge assembly is provided with hinges.


Main drive mechanism through 40/50 HP, 720/1440 RPM TEFC motor coupled to worm reduction gear box and ‘V’ belt pulley mechanism to drive mixing blades consisting of 2 nos. full and 2 nos. half blades designed for intense and uniform mixing.


Chopper mechanism drive through a flange mounted 5.0 /7.5 HP, 1440/2880 RPM TEFC motor granulating unit with 4 nos. specially designed blades for faster granulation of products.

Manual operating top dish with weight balanced unit for easy operation. Pneumatically operated bottom discharge valve and safety interlock.

Pneumatic pressure switch and air spray nozzle on bottom of bowl for fluidization of product.


Panel board is fabricated with SS 304 material.  This unit mounted on the machine platform for easy operability.  Panel consisting of switch gear fuses, relays, motor, starter, indicating lamp, push buttons, control for discharge valves, amp meters for main motor and granulating motors, pressure gauge solenoid valve control & isolator etc. Panel with DISPLAY SYSTEM, PLC CONTROL can be provided optionally.


Pneumatic circuit would consist of high-pressure line 4 to 5 kg/cm2 with filter cum regulator.  All internal and external surfaces of SS 304 parts are ground and polished to mirror finish.

All M.S. parts are machined and smooth surface are painted. Machine can be cleaned thoroughly by water.

Teflon seal provided for main blade whereas gland packing and air seal provided for granulating blade.

Technical Specifications

GMP Model will be dully claded /covered with SS 304.

Model BRMG-150 BRMG-250 BRMG-400 BRMG-600
Capacity In Litres 150Ltr. 250Ltr. 400Ltr. 600Ltr.
Overflow Vol. Ltr. 150Ltr. 250Ltr. 400Ltr. 600Ltr.
Working Vol. Ltr. 120Ltr. 200Ltr. 320Ltr. 480Ltr.
Capacity of Wet Gran 60-65Kgs 100-110Kgs 160-180Kgs 200-220Kgs
Main Motor  Std. make     /  3 Phase 10 / 15 HP 25 / 30 HP 30 / 40 HP 40 / 50 HP
Main Motor RPM  through ( ACVFD ) 750-1500 750-1500 750-1500 750-1500
Chopper Motor  Std. make  / 3 Phase  2 / 3  HP 5 / 7.5  HP 5 / 7.5  HP 7.5/10  HP
Chopper Motor RPM through (ACVFD ) 1500-3000 1500-3000 1500-3000 1500-3000
Material on Contact parts S.S.316 S.S.316 S.S.316 S.S.316
Material on Non Contact parts S.S.304 S.S.304 S.S.304 S.S.304
Overall Dimensions : Length (mm) 2450mm 2700mm 2850mm 2950mm
                                         Width (mm) 2000mm 2150mm 2400mm 2500mm
                                         Height (mm) 2050mm 2100mm 2100mm 2200mm
Appox Net Wt. in Kgs 1500Kgs 1800Kgs 2000Kgs 3000Kgs

Salient Features

  • RMG can be used in the fields of Pharmaceuticals / Bulk Drugs and processing of special food stuffs.
  • Short batch time & reduced cleaning time.
  • Enclosed moving parts. Maximum care has been taken to ensure machine safety.
  • Air purge sealing for main shaft and granulator shaft.
  • Auto/Manual Controls.
  • System control ranges from simple manual push button control to full programmable logic controller (PLC)based automation.
  • Discharge provided on either side to suit Client’s requirement.
  • Steam Jacketed drying also available on request to meet specific process requirements.
  • Use of bearings for all rotating parts, which results into long life of the machine, lesser requirement of lubrication, elimination of play in moving parts of the machine.
  • Strong & sturdy structure
  • Reduced maintenance cost because all the machined parts are highly precise & accurate.
  • Motor make Crompton or Equivalent.

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